Bountiful’s success is attributed to the luck of the Irish

SALT LAKE CITY — What if I told you Bountiful was led by Irish luck? No this isn’t the beginning of an ESPN “30 for 30” documentary. This is unadulterated fact.

Devin Smith, a seldom-used sophomore reserve, is hard to miss on the deep end of the Braves’ bench for a variety of reasons. He’s 6-foot-6, which really isn’t that mystifying, with vibrant red-drenched hair and…

He wears a lime sport jacket complemented with mustard-colored patterns.

He proudly folds the jacket over his chair while play is in session and immediately tosses it on as the team travels to the post-game lockers. The jacket is more Irish than Michael Flatley, and it supplies the Braves with endless luck more valuable than any pot of gold.

“It’s the team’s lucky jacket. We don’t lose with it,” Smith said matter-of-factly. “It means that I’m an Irish king — I’ll take that.”

Smith has scored a total of five points the entire season, and not since Feb. 25, but Bountiful hasn’t lost since Dec. 19 in the Tarkanian Classic in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“(I started wearing the jacket) midway through the season when we had to dress up,” Smith said. “I got it at the DI about five years ago. I thought it would be fun.”

Bountiful coach Mike Maxwell isn’t exactly the type of guy who would ever wear lime-colored jackets, but according to Smith his coach encourages the jacket’s magical presence.

“He loves it,” Smith said. “He tells me to wear it all the time and out on the court like I’ve been doing. It’s been working so far, as you can tell.”

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