Weber State should hire Bingham’s Dave Peck

Bingham coach Dave Peck

Bingham coach Dave Peck

OGDEN — Weber State announced the dismissal of football coach Jody Sears early Tuesday morning after consecutive two-win seasons.

The Wildcats should look towards South Jordan for his replacement. When the position last opened, Bingham’s Dave Peck petitioned strongly for the job, and he’s likely to do the same again.

Peck is the perfect fit for the program after proving he’s capable of remodeling. Before his arrival in 2000, Bingham went 145-161 from 1969-99, and hadn’t won a state championship in 60 years. In only 14 seasons, Peck has guided the Miners to a 142-35 record with four state titles in 2006, ‘09, ‘10, and recently in 2013.

During that time span he’s garnered nine 10-win seasons including eight out of the last nine, and twice he’s been selected to coach the West Team in the US Marines and US Army All-American Bowls.

Additionally, Peck is already surrounded by assistant coaches with years of college and NFL experience including offensive line coach, Keith Chatelain, who studied under SPARQ trainer Tom Shaw for eight years.

Dipping into the high school ranks isn’t frowned upon like it once was. Baylor’s Art Briles and Auburn’s Gus Malzahn both made the leap from preps to major collegiate football after successful careers.

Peck’s transition to the Big Sky is infinitely smaller than the two aforementioned coaches. He’s a graduate of Southern Utah, where he lettered four years, and keeps in contact with the program. He understands the FCS system, and that’s where Weber State has drastically failed recently.

The Wildcats haven’t pursued Utah’s borderline D-1 athletes effectively. Peck is highly regarded across the high school landscape, and he’s developed working relationships far outreaching the confines of South Jordan. He’ll continue to recruit high-profile athletes along with players like East’s Preston Curtis, Bingham’s Scott Nichols, and Woods Cross’ Xequille Harry, who aren’t prototypical next-level athletes, but are talented enough to excel in the Big Sky. Peck understands that winning Utah equates to winning football games.

However, Peck’s ability to evoke interest into the program may be his strongest attribute. He’s media and community savvy, and is constantly promoting Bingham’s program into the national spotlight. He’s built an empire of premier facilities by appealing to boosters and selling tickets. That energy has been missed in Ogden.

Weber State needs to seriously evaluate the benefits of hiring Peck. It doesn’t take much — a splash of red to Bingham’s blue — and Peck changes his color to purple.


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  1. Robert Murdock

    I don’t think it was fair that Weber State fired their coach after two seasons. I think you should commit to a coach for four years minimum. How can you hold them acocuntable when they don’t get to have a couple of years with their own recruits. Seems silly and a waste of time. That being said, Bingham’s coach Peck would be a smart hire. This guy is a very good and professional coach and nobody knows the Utah Highschool athlete better. Enough of these guys trying to recruit the East Coast. Get the next level athlete and build the program to fill the 18,000 seats. He is the guy to do it. Let’s give him more than 2 years to do this please. Commit to him and the program will win.

  2. Cam

    @ Robert Murdock

    Coaches do more than just recruit talent to their teams. They set a strategy and most importantly establish a team culture. While it may take a few years to recruit your own talent, establishing a culture take a matter of weeks.

    If the AD feels that the team lacked a constructive identity, then he has every right and even a duty to dismiss the coach regardless of the team’s record (although records are usually indicative) or how many years he’s been at the helm.

  3. Darrel R. Thompson

    Dave Peck should certainly be at the top of the list. How you fill seats at WSU Stadium, that’s a big question, considering its a commuter school and the roads leading there are such a traffic snarl both ways. Tough to want to go sit through mediocrity.

  4. Nuckinfutz1

    Heck ya – one of the most important things about being a college coach is the ability to recruit. Coach Peck has great success and experience with that over the past years.

  5. KimmieP

    I agree that Peck is a good recruiter, one only needs to see how well he recruits the entire west side of Salt Lake County for Bingham to realize this fact.

  6. Reality check

    Dave Peck has done a nice job at Bingham. He has also been blessed with great players and great transfers.

    While he might be successful at Weber State, to base it on his success at Bingham alone is misleading. His success at WSU would be the result of his adapting to that environment vs. the environment at Bingham. Weber State should hire Coach Peck because he’s right for the job. Any coach would be successful with the talent at Bingham HS.

  7. Tom

    Coach Peck would be a good hire. It is also a good time for Peck to leave the high school teaching and coaching scene as he as enough years in the teaching profession to help provide for his future. He is a good man, and his ethics will carry over, as well as his coaching ability.

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