Zach Frampton contributes off the bench while biding his time

ODGEN — Junior Zach Frampton probably doesn’t get the playing time a player of his caliber deserves — at least not yet. Minutes are hard to come by on a stacked Lone Peak team that is ranked by most as the no. 1 team in the nation.

Frampton usually makes the most of his limited minutes and contributed two key 3-pointers and eight points for the Knights in their 83-50 victory over Davis.

“Zach is so talented and he played great tonight — he always does,” said TJ Haws. “He works so hard on his game and he’s a very important part of our team.”

Haws is of the opinion that Frampton could start for any team in the state that didn’t have himself and Nick Emery on the roster. Next season Frampton is very likely to have that chance.

“Right now we’re just focusing on the tournament and getting it done with what we have now.” Haws said.

Lone Peak has been aided greatly by its less-heralded players. Starting guard Conner Toolson has made a heavy contribution throughout the year along with players such Spencer Curtis and Braden Miles off the bench.

“That’s the thing that makes us such a good team,” said coach Quincy Lewis. “Nick Emery, TJ Haws and Eric Mika get all the attention but you can’t sleep on Toolson, Shumway, Frampton and the others. Zach came in and hit some big shots for us tonight and that’s what makes a team…it takes everyone to win championships and I’m fortunate to get a great effort from my players most nights.”

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