Jags’ 3-pointers were daggers for Bingham


The 3-pointer can be a dagger, and West Jordan went to that well early and often in Thursday’s lopsided quarterfinal victory over Bingham.

West Jordan knocked down seven 3-pointers in the first half, finishing with nine. Each one seemed to break Bingham’s spirits just a little bit more, and get the West Jordan crowd even more pumped.

“Obviously it’s big cause you’re playing with the lead, and I do think it’s a big boost for our guys. I probably do take that for granted,” said West Jordan coach Scott Briggs. “We’re fortunate. I don’t know that we want to shoot that many all the time, but when they’re making them it’s difficult to get too upset with them.”

Jordan Loveridge and Jordan Pryor each made three 3-pointers, with DeShawn Perkins, Seth Barrus and Jaden Jackson adding one each.

Loveridge thought the majority of the 3-pointers came within the flow of the game, which certainly made them easier.

“It makes the 3s a lot easier when we’re playing defense and rebounding. If we get a quick outlet and we start running, it’s going to be easier to swing it and get wide-open 3s. Those are way easy to hit when you’re wide open,” said Loveridge.

West Jordan has been on the other end of hot shooting team several times, and Loveridge said they can certainly be back breakers.

“You really don’t know what to do,” said Loveridge.

That was the case for Bingham midway through the first quarter when Barrus hit a 3-pointer to put West Jordan ahead for good at 8-5. Pryor added two more and Loveridge another as the lead quickly swelled to 17-7. Three more treys in the second quarter pushed the lead to 35-19 at the half.

“It feels good, especially if it’s your teammates doing it. It takes a little pressure off you, you don’t feel like you have to grind it out to get big shots,” said Pryor.

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